What’s driving EMR adoption?

Don Fluckinger writes about native iPad EMRs and a survey amongst solo doctors’ opinions on EMR adoption. His platform of choice for speed is, of course, is Safari , up to 4x faster than than Internet Explorer on Windows. He promotes also a cloud strategy for EMR.  Is our hesitancy to cloud holding back EMR adoption? 

What’s driving #HealthIT adoption? Macs, #iPad #EHR apps, and device-independent EHRs http://bit.ly/rnGG8D #EMR #HITsm #mHealth
July 14, 2011

EMR vendors have powerful tools at their disposal to entice or attract physicians to use their products. But no vendor can answer this physician’s lament about EMRs.  What can EMR vendors do?

Just completed a survey on why I don’t use EMR’s which made me feel guilty and foolish that I really should use EMR’s!!
July 15, 2011