A new retinal camera player (CenterVue) – #Tips4EyeDocs

Hold everything! If you’re going to an education conference or exhibition in the coming months and intend to buy a retinal camera, take a look at the DRS (Diabetic retinal screening) from CenterVue.  I visited the CenterVue headquarters to look at their new  retinal camera.  It’s stylish and packed with features that would make it an easy-to-use

camera in either a single or multi-doctor practice.  Packaged as a single unit it easily qualifies in as an all-in-one device.

The camera designed makes patient experience and simplicity is primary goal. As soon as the patient rests their chin on the chin rest, camera seeks out the pupil takes anterior or posterior segment photographs.  It can then store the images in its hefty 160GB hard drive in JPEG, DICOM or PDF file formats.

The DRS has one of the best connectivity features that this reviewer has seen.  It’s Linux operating system, helps the DRS connects to any computer network either within an office or over the internet. It has its own hot spot wireless router that lets doctors use an iPad tablet computer to educate patients from their own retinal photographs. While its own image management software is limited, it can connect with many image management and EMR systems now serving the eye market.

The DRS makes a serious argument for an affordable and easy-to-use camera. It’s list price of $14,900 puts it ahead of almost any other camera system.  With its name being DRS, the camera may have a ready market with practices that take part in tele-ophthalmology.  Because of its connectivity and its price,  it’s a camera system that is ideally suited for store-and-forward tele-ophthalmology.

For further information, contact CenterVue at http://centervue.com or at (408) 988-8404.

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