Retinopathy with hemorrhages; What would you do? A #Tips4EyeDocs


Assuming that you knew nothing about the medical history of this patient what would your plan of action be with the following scenarios?

  1. The patient has never been or has never had a primary care medicine evaluation or examination in the last ten years.  The patient is asymptomatic but has an outward physical appearance that suggests an unhealthy life style.  What is your plan of action?
  2. The patient has been to a primary care provider in the past month but this is the first eye evaluation ever. The patient is under diabetic management with a single kind of medication taken three times a day.  The patient says that their A1c is 11.0 and you measure a random blood sugar of 275-290.  What is your plan of action
  3. How would you bill if the patient came in with both a vision and medical plan and is under 65 years of age?  Assume that the medical and vision plan are under the same carrier.
  4. Would prior clinical data be helpful to you in the management of this patient (like in #2 above)

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