Qucikoffice Acquired by Google

I am quoting in its entirety an email I received announcing the acquistion of Quickoffice by Google.

Why is this important? For sometime now, Google office productivity products for Android and IOS (iPad and iPhone) have not been plentiful.  In fact, the Google Documents that is so promising on the desktop isn’t functional on mobile devices. With rumors that Microsoft will release “Office 365 on iPad”, it is quite likely that Google’s hand was forced and it bought the most popular 3rd party application for office productivity on Android and IOS.

Personally, I like Quickoffice Pro and use it on my Android and iPad.   It opens, edits and writes Word documents.  I haven’t quite used enough of the spreadsheet or presentation (PowerPoint) applications to know how good they are. But if they are on par with the word processing module, then it should be very good.

I don’t have a stake in Quickoffice or Google nor do I gain any financial interest in mentioning it or recommending it. I just like it.

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