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Meaningful Use Timeline

This is an informational graphic (“infographic”) that portrays the timeline of “meaningful use”. Meaningful use is part of the nation’s transition to the use of electronic medical records.  It substantiates that the EMR/EHR software installed is being used in accordance with the regulations at the federal and state level.

Source: Pennic, F. “Infographic – Making Sense of Meaningful Use” HIT Consultant web site. Available online at . Retrieved 04 JUN 2012.

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One thought on “Infographic :Making Sense of Meaningful Use | HIT Consultant

  1. I only know of two practices in South Jersey that are doing EHR. One, a husband and wife OD team with two offices has been slowly wending their way towards meaningful use for over a year and are still not there after expending a tremendous amount of time and effort. They seem to be happy with their EHR but it has been a long, hard, and expensive process. Can the lone OD afford the time and money it costs to do EHR’s, especially knowing that there is not one system out there that is turn-key and simple to use? From where I am standing, I think You have to have a rich father to help you pay for this if you are practicing by yourself!