The EMR Effect – Transforming Health care – An Inforgraphic by PowerDMS

Unbeknownst to many, there is a national debate within every health care discipline on the validity, relevance and even value of electronic medical records (EMR).  While proponents loudly extol the virtues of error-free prescribing and reduced duplication of services, there is still sufficient skepticism that these desired outcomes will or are realized at this current time.

What can be said now is that the second wave of adoption of EMR software are not as enthusiastic about it. They cite reduced productivity and a significant start up cost, something that not even the ARRA (American Recovery and Reconstruction Act) stimulus funding can correct.

There might not be a question of “if EMR will transform” but “when EMR will transform health care.   The trend to EMR is unmistakable and those who wait might relegate themselves to second-class participants.

EMR in Healthcare

Source: Spotted on Twitter RT @EMRDailyNews: The EMR Effect: Transforming Healthcare – An Infographic  Originally posted by Campbell, S (2012) “The EMR Effect: Transforming health care – an infographic. EMR Daily News Web Site. Available online at . Retrieved on 14 Jun 2012.

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