Healthy Eyes in a Digital World – An infographic by Delano Taylor

Healthy eyes in a digital world is not a usual concern for office and computer workers.  In fact, the majority would not even conceive that their minor discomforts would even be associated with their work. Yet, ergonomics and healthy eye habits can improve the productivity of all computer workers.

There are several key factors to consider in being “healthy eyes aware.” First, it is crucial to undergo a comprehensive eye examination to determine if you might have or be at risk for “computer vision syndrome. This syndrome manifests as blurry vision, eye ache and even progressive myopia.  The symptoms are gradual and they are frequently dismissed by patients in the course of a daily life. However, practically all eye care professionals (ECP) are aware that computer vision syndrome is prevalent.

Second, ergonomics plays a big part in “healthy eyes”  As the infographic demonstrates, head position, angle of gaze and distance to the screen are relevant. It is especially important when workers have refractive errors to compensate for myopia, hyperopia or presbyopia.

Third and lastly, use the “20-20-20″ rule daily. It means that every 20 minutes, take a 20 second break to look at something that is farther than 20 feet away. While it is impossible sometimes to see 20 feet away while working in a cubicle, the more often that it can be practiced, the less likely that there will be symptoms.

In summary, healthy eyes requires a complete and comprehensive eye evaluation, a knowledge of the factors that make up the environment and the use of the “20-20-20″ rule.


Source by Delano Taylor


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