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Blogging – Statistics for 2012

Blogging is a child of the internet. It’s a child of the need to express ourselves in any way we can. From the late 1990’s to now, the growth of blogging has been explosive with tools, sites and utilities making the blogging easy for any computer user.

For the optometrist, many use blogging to publish medical information or express an opinion that the more traditional social network channels can not accommodate. For instance, Facebook limits the size of status updates and of searching older posts. With a blog, the author can write any sized post, archive old blogs that can be accessed as far back as any reader wants and can even accept advertising without limitation.

In my opinion, the prospect for advertising is one of the largest potential avenues for display advertising and sponsorship that can drive extra revenue outside of an optometrist’s practice. The subject of attaining advertising will be a subject to another blog post. For doctors who also want to support a revenue stream into retirement, the advertising revenue alone could make retirement much more comfortable.

Blogging now is much more advanced than it has ever been. For instance, video feeds from YouTube, self-published podcasts and sharing with other social sites are especially helpful to expand the blog site’s readership. The blogging readership size is the controlling factor that makes the blog site worth doing. An author is not unlike any performance actor who thirsts for an audience applause.

In summary, today’s blogging is replete¬†with writing and technical tools that make the task easy. Promoting the blogging site also makes the task rewarding to any author. If any optometrist has ever thought about writing a blogging post for themselves, try guest blogging for another site first. That blogging site administrator can critically check your submission and that makes the first blogging article for your blogging site that much more readable. Blog away, my friends.

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